Icopower projects and creates system for energy efficiency in electric field able to reduce energy costs in all areas, every offered service has this tree features:

Guaranteed performance and savings

Icopower can guarantee savings with a covenant of redemption that is activated in the event that the expected result in not achieved

Ensured bypass

In case of malfunction or failure Icopower system automatically activates the bypass guaranteeing continuous power plant

Data analyss

By a free audit Icopower provides the most suitable system for the best performance



ICO-F: Saving for all areas

An innovative product that is installed downstream of the meter. the saving is immediate without any changes on the plant


ICO-R: for reactive power

A phase plug called ICO-R able to eliminate with precision the ractive power generated from your plant


ICO-Air: saving on compressed air

An efficiency system able to cut drastically the energy costs in all plant that work using compressed air


ICO-REMOTE: your saving in a click

Icopower offers its customers a reserved area in which you can:

  • check the status of installed system
  • receive "alerts" via mail
  • receive consumption data report directly in your email box
  • display network parameters in real time